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Boduf Songs
Boduf Songs

Boduf Songs is the project of Southampton, UK dweller Mat Sweet (who will never be confused with the much more poppy artist who shares nearly the same name). He recorded a batch of tracks at home with an acoustic guitar, some cymbals, a violin bow, a toy piano, and a computer. The result is something that's grounded in dark folk music, but at times darts away with a deft hand, adding a touch of surreal to the finger-picked tracks.

At just under a half-hour in length, Boduf Songs is a short release, but works well because it never allows itself to become too redundant in that time. "Puke A Pitch Black Rainbow To The Sun" opens the release with backwards looped guitars and some gentle acoustic melodies over the top while Sweet adds his soft baritone to the mix. Sustained bowed washes sweep into the mix every once in awhile, but always do so in a subtle way, adding just a touch of warmth to the track that is otherwise haunting. "Claimant Reclaimed" moves at a slightly faster pace with a repeated acoustic melody phrase and more soft vocals while sharp hits of filtered cymbals ring out and distort to add punctuation.

Lyrically, the album is almost as oppressive as an album like I See A Darkness by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy. Even on songs that feel a bit lighter in their instrumentation (like "This One Is Cursed" and "Grains") are weighed down with a look over the shoulder at a grim spectre. On one track (the instrumental "Ape Thanks Lamb"), the clouds finally part for almost two minutes, and it feels like a small revelation, even if it doesn't last. Given the limited resources that Sweet had in making the release and everything that he got out of them, I can't wait until he has even more options at his disposal (which he currently does, as he's already working on a more ambitious follow-up).

rating: 7.510
Aaron Coleman 2005-09-25 00:00:00