Wolf Parade - Wolf Parade EP
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Wolf Parade
Wolf Parade EP

Pretty much every year for the past five (and more, really), there's been at least one band hailing from Canada that has cracked through the consciousness of the indie rock world and made a huge name for themselves. Two years ago was Broken Social Scene and last year was The Arcade Fire, and if Wolf Parade can parlay the songcraft they show on this four song EP into an equally interesting full length to be released later this year, they might very well be the newest Canucks on everyone's tongue.

One of the most strange things about the group is how they manage to snag little bits of different musical styles (and even individual groups themselves) and pull them together into a short batch of songs that sound both familiar and new at the same time. On "Shine A Light," the group turns in a buzzy-synth indie rock track that jangles with a touch of a Modest Mouse feel (the group was brought to the attention of Sub Pop by Isaac Brock) while the lead singer has some of the same vocal intonations (and lazy drawl) of Beck. "You Are A Number" follows with a waltzing dirty organ track that stumbles along rhythmically before slathering on an equally gritty guitar melody.

"Disco Sheets" changes things up even more as the group cranks up the BPM and tosses a dance-punk entry on the pyre that chugs along raucously before breaking off into quiet segments that recall a synth-based Interpol before slamming things back home again. The album closes with "Lousy Pictures" and it's another cowbell-clanging, overdriven organ/guitar track that works just about perfectly alongside the howling vocals. In the end, the cheaply-priced four song, thirteen minute EP does just what it's supposed to in raising the excitement level for what the group will plop on the table next. At least we don't have long to wait.

rating: 7.7510
Aaron Coleman 2005-07-14 00:00:00