Bovaflux - Where There Was Nothing
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Where There Was Nothing

Where There Was Nothing is easily the best Warp-sounding release not released on the Warp Records label that I've heard in a long time. While I'm sure some would take offense with that statement (saying it sounds like a backhanded compliment), I will also add that this release by Bovaflux is actually the best little pure electronic release of a certain sort that has come down the pipe in a while to my ears. Like many releases on the Highpoint Lowlife label, the release carves out a nice niche combining warm melodies, crisp programming, and playful beats that really draw you in.

Eddie Symons is the main fellow behind Bovaflux, and in a sign that he's probably chained to his computer much more than the average person, his day job is coding video games. He's released EPs on his own self-run label, but Where There Was Nothing is his first true full length under the Bovaflux name. "Blind" opens the release, and eases into things with soft overlapping pads and some slurpy noises that sound like a beat trying to come together (but they never do). "Ohne Namen" kicks things off with multiple layers of washing drones and some subtle melodic work while muffled, but crunchy beat programming gives a workout underneath it all.

"Bridge" is even more playful, flickering along with some of the best beat programming on the album while hummable melodies dash and dark around the skittering programming. The album-titled "Where There Was Nothing" again feels a bit more melancholic at first, but seems to slowly unfold with a bit more hope as it progresses, mixing watery beats, shuddering low end hits and soft melodies that dance across the top of it all.

By now, you probably have a good idea of whether or not this release will be up your alley, and if you like any of the aforementioned, it probably will be. Bovaflux has played shows with artists like Funckarma and ISAN and his lush production and beats that range from instrumental hip hop to dub. With eleven tracks that run just over forty five minutes in length, Where There Was Nothing never outstays its welcome and is good enough to have you coming back to it.

rating: 7.510
Aaron Coleman 2005-10-13 20:21:10