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A couple years after releasing his excellent Leave Luck To Heaven, Matthew Dear must have been feeling a little bit hemmed in and wanting to get his dirty swerve on a little more. The result is this release Suckfish under the psuedonym of Audion. While the release still contains much of his warm, microhouse programming, the disc is much more dirty, both in sonic output and song titles, as gritty acid synths growl away while track titles like "Titty Fuck" and and "Just Fucking" sandwich in less-forward ones like "Your Place Or Mine" and "Kisses."

As mentioned above, Suckfish pumps and pounds and eleven tracks run well over seventy minutes. "Vegetables" opens the release as alternately squishy and stabbing bursts flit alongside the 4/4 beat programming. The track is temporarily set on stun as creaky groans provide short respites, and then it's right back to the thumping. "Your Place Or Mine" is more of the same at a slightly slower tempo, and Dear shows a real understanding of the genre by keeping things lean and clean with just enough variation to keep things interesting.

And yeah, it's the tracks with the naughtiest titles that seem to be the standouts, as they both go completely for the headmash by starting out hard and layering on even more grime and grit as they progress. "Kisses" layers things on hot and heavy as well, with squelching oscillations rising and completely blasting the track into some sort of micro-disco house freakout. "The Pong" is another extended workout that takes a deceptively simple tone and tweaks it while the backing pounding provides a nonstop workout.

While this is a release that will probably be loved by DJs looking for some dirty slamming 4/4 to throw down (there are plenty of tracks on Suckfish for fuel), Dear wisely throws in a bit of variation for those listening to the release on CD for something other than the dancefloor. "Wield" is over eight minutes of slithery, minimal electronic warmth that gives a nice breather about halfway through the disc, while "Rubber" is a short glitch house track that provides a bit of a break simply becasue it isn't quite as relentlessly as others. A lot different than the release under his own name, Audion is enough to make you sweat a bit whether you use it for dancing or as a soundtrack for *ahem* other activities.

rating: 7.510
Aaron Coleman 2005-10-20 18:59:48