Polmo Polpo - Kiss Me Again And Again EP
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Polmo Polpo
Kiss Me Again And Again EP

Over the course of many decades, Godzilla fought many, many monsters. I don't recall him ever facing the multi-tenacled disco-house monster, though, and after hearing this newest release by Polmo Polpo, I'm inclined to think that he would either lose outright or simply be persuaded into dancing his ass off and destroying Tokyo anyway. The disco-house monster I'm speaking of is Kiss Me Again And Again, the first release from Polmo Polpo since his excellent Like Hearts Swelling came out just over a year ago.

On this limited edition EP, Sandro Perri moves in even dancier directions than he does under his recording name, and with this twenty-two minute release he drops an ode to the late, great Arthur Russell's 70s group Dinosaur with a completely re-made song of the same name. Considering how fast the track kicks off, I've already wasted enough time setting things up with this review, so I'll just say that this is a deceptive, infectious piece of work. In fact, the same basic beat loop continues through the entire track, but everything else around it swarms and buzzes and swirls and generally sucks you in and makes you want to get caught in its heady mesh.

After opening with some almost dissonant swirling tones, funky guitar strums, and disco funk bassline, the track dissolves into an even more hooky section with a killer cello bassline and more jangling guitars that wrap around each other and your ears so nicely. About halfway through, you think it might just start repeating itself, then it slides some saxophone, more hazy clouds weird overtones, and loop after loop of hip-shaking rhythms. For some, this track will be far too repetitive, but for me it's one of those rare pieces of music that says "hell with conventional wisdom" and rocks the booty because of that. For awhile, this was on my daily playlist as a re-invigorator.

rating: 810
Aaron Coleman 2005-12-01 21:09:31