Glim - Aerial View Of Model
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Aerial View Of Model

Aerial View Of Model is the second release from sound artist Andreas Berger (who also plays in several other groups and ensembles). Under the name Glim, he released the ambient Music For Field Recordings a couple years back, and his newest release finds him exploring slightly more cohesive areas, but still moving in a delicate, deliberate way with guitars, chimes, and heavily processed mirrors of both those instruments.

Artists that first come to mind when hearing Glim are Fennesz and even Mileece, even though he doesn't sound particularly like either of them. His use of guitar and heavy processing recalls the work of the former, while his often sparse, almost mutating tracks sound like the organic, tendril-like work of the latter. The disc opens with several glitched-out folkish tracks, as "Sloth" opens the release with acoustic guitar strums, swells of filtered electronic tones, and broken-down music box sounds. "Anarene" opens with heavily filtered guitar pieces that are swarmed by effects before everything is wiped away for the last part of the track, leaving only the naked strums of a guitar sounding slightly awkward and human without any digital remnants.

Several tracks find Berger exploring a bit more powerful sound with dense layered washes as both "Take Off" and "Schwärmer" layer more and more on top as they progress, resulting in tracks that are beautiful, but don't veer from any real path as they move along. That said, the album seems to be at its best when it pulls things apart the most. "Christophs's Box" takes some simple music box tones and turns them into living, breathing beings with some nice filtering while "Glaze" finds a pretty piano melody playing out under some filtered string loops, a layer of grit, and some backwards loops. With everyone and their brother (and sister) releasing albums of ambient electronic music in which loads of filtering rule, it's the albums that make judicious use of different techniques that I find the most engaging lately. That said, Aerial View Of Model is a nice little album that is very successful at times, and somewhat derivative at others. It's never annoying, though, and goes down like a warm bowl of soup.

rating: 710
Aaron Coleman 2006-01-05 21:31:45