The Psychic Paramount - Gamelan Into The Mink Supernatural
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The Psychic Paramount
Gamelan Into The Mink Supernatural

If you have some speakers that have offended you at some point during their lives and you feel like taking out some revenge upon them, The Psychic Paramount will be more than happy to assist you. This is rock music that blends together white-noise sheets of eardrum-bleeding production with pummeling math-esque progressions and guttural noise breakdowns. Oh yeah, and it's only three people. Formed out of the ashes of the late-great Laddio Bolocko, The Psychic Paramount create music that bleeds into the red level of the audio spectrum most of the time, due to some overzealous production and songs that flat out kick out the motherfucking jams.

Sorry to swear, but Gamelan Into The Mink Supernatural is one of those discs that hits with such a force that regular adjectives just don't quite work for. The disc opens with "Megatherion" and the short track blasts forth with backwards drums, a thudding bass line and a roar of squalling guitar that would make Kevin Shields pee his pants. If the former track was simply a lead-in, then the disc really gets rollicking with "Para5," as frantic drums blast away alongside a simple but energetic bass while the guitar part dances around it all with alternately nimble strums and furious shreds. At over seven minutes, the track has three distinct sections, and the group turns some sharp corners with slick changes that leave you gasping for breath.

"Echoh Air" has a similar modus operandi as flailing drums again pound away with a steady bass sidekick while the guitar part spirals out of control, building up to a conclusion that is so loud (and pushed so hard with mastering) that it sounds like all three elements are squashing into a giant mass of rolling sound that only wants to consume everything in it's path. Fortunately, the group doesn't keep piling things on for the entire release, and they drop the spooky "X-Visitations" (consisting of eerie feedback drones, filtered voices, and other noise that climaxes with one huge meltdown) before closing out things with the album-titled "Gamelan Into The Mink Supernatural." Locking into a trancy groove, the track builds slowly, eventually lets loose with an almost proggy blowout before fading to quiet and then one last burst of skronky noise. At five tracks and just under forty minutes, the album does just what it should, which is leave you exhausted but wanting a bit more. For some, the excessive levels (which actually distort the sound output) will be a turnoff, but for fans of Lightning Bolt and other like-minded stuff, The Psychic Paramount will be a welcome shot in the arm.

rating: 7.7510
Aaron Coleman 2006-01-26 21:12:28