Four Tet - Everything Ecstatic Films & Part 2
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Four Tet
Everything Ecstatic Films & Part 2

It was just over a year ago that Domino released the fun, but not entirely essential My Angel Rocks Back And Forth EP which culled all previous Four Tet videos to date and made them a bonus DVD to a hit or miss EP full of music that included some remixes and B-sides. Everything Ecstatic Films & Part 2 is largely similar in that it combines a slew of films with another batch of new songs, only this time the focus is seemingly reversed (with the highlight being the DVD full of videos and the bonus being an EP of new tracks).

Several artists have done the one video per song from a particular album, and that's basically what you get with this DVD, as it contains 10 different pieces of highly-varying quality. Some of the videos look really professional and are completely mesmerizing, while others on the disc look like little more than handycam footage sloppily thrown together. "A Joy" opens the disc with some high-energy, frenetic collages of shapes and colors that jump and worm around, providing a hypnotic backdrop to the thumping track. "Smile Around The Face" might be one of the most highly-produced videos on the entire disc, keeping a tight focus on a fellows face as he walks around, has a spill on the bus, and finally hangs out with his kids. It's well-made and fits the changes in the song nicely, despite being a bit on the glum side.

From there, the DVD gets really mixed as "Sun Drums And Soil" is a seemingly random batch of poorly-filmed shots that don't really go much of anywhere while "Sleep, Eat Food, Have Visions" is a completely absurd mess of a video with heads on sticks, pandas, and people in bug costumes that goes on far too long (kind of like the song itself). In between those, you get the minimal but beautiful "Clouding," the bizarre "High Fives" (which has great production value but is sorta aimless) and the low-budget but nicely-done "You Were There With Me" (which basically features nothing more than a woman dancing and swinging her arms around joyfully at scores of different locations around the world).

The CD portion of the release has much more to chew on, with almost thirty-five minutes worth of stuff, much of it largely entertaining. The extended version of "Turtle Turtle Up" turns the short track into a sixteen minute 4/4 throwdown with plenty of frantic bursts while "Sun Drums And Soil (Part 2)" mixes some great electric piano loops with jazz drum loops and a thumping kick for something that might be better than the original track. "This Is Six Minutes" is another upbeat workout that mixes some jazzy backdrops with glistening IDM and even some strums of guitar to nice effect. The other two tracks on the EP are little more than unfocused ambient noodling and don't add a whole lot, but as a whole the EP is fairly solid (and this is coming from someone who didn't care as much for Everything Ecstatic.). Considering the whole thing is about the cost of a regular CD, most Four Tet fans are going to want it for the videos (even if some of them are a bit lacking) and new music.

rating: 710
Aaron Coleman 2006-02-02 21:20:08