Boogybytes Volume 1
Various Artists - Boogybytes Vol. 1 - Mixed by Kiki
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Various Artists
Boogybytes Vol. 1 - Mixed by Kiki

It's almost embarrassing to admit, but when I was first getting into techno and electronic music, most of my favorite CDs were mix discs by various artists like DJ Keoki and others. I use to go to raves and to clubs and there was something about a well constructed mix disc that really made me want to listen to it over and over again. I guess I appreciated the uninterrupted flow and track selection of someone who most likely had better taste in music than me. As I learned a little bit more about music and really dug deeper into different artists and genres, I found myself getting away from the mix disc a bit more, although certain releases that were doing interesting things with the mix (like Optimo's insane How To Kill The DJ Part 2, DJ/Rupture's killer Minesweeper Suite and fun Fabric mixes from Michael Mayer and Andrew Weatherall).

Boogybytes Vol. 1 is the first in what is proposed to be a series of mixes on the Bpitch Control label. Bursting out of the gates is one Kiki (who regularly does his DJ sets on three turntables), and based on this early entry, it's seems like it's going to be an exciting series that I'm going to have to pay attention to. A dance mix that also incorporates the mashup, the release runs nearly seventy five minutes and finds over 25 different songs sliding together and on top of one another over the course of sixteen tracks.

The overall feel of Boogybytes Vol 1 is sort of a light, but heady techno flavor that never gets too dark or heavy. The disc opens with "Distant Gratification" from Fred Giannelli and the track is a blip-filled, almost trance piece that flows into a more minimal second track. From there, the subtle layering begins, and several short tracks flow by quickly before things really start to get good when Andre Kraml's "Safari" runs over Donal Tierney's "Verse 2 The Chorus," turning the track into sort of a desert savanna dance piece. Kiki even manages to figure his own music into the mix a couple different times, including where he inserts vocals from his "So Easy To Forget" track over the top of Michael Forzza's "Kahana," which turns out to be one of the more growling tracks on the entire release.

The release reaches full-on mash-up mode on the eighth track, which features elements from three different songs in what is probably the best moment on the entire album. Fairmont's "Gazebo" manages to be both playful and aggressive at the same time, and Kiki throws pieces of he and a track by Silversurfer entitled "Wasp" and vocals from label-head Ellen Allien's "Your Body Is My Body" into the pitch-bending freakout. Even when he's not pulling together pieces from different songs, the disc has a good mixture of great tracks that I've never heard before, including the fluttering, glint-house of "Metroland" by Misc. As a whole, the mix might be a little bit on the lite side for some listeners, but given the somewhat darker flavor of a lot of mixes I've heard lately, the airy quality is actually kind of refreshing. This looks to be the start of a fun new mix series.

rating: 7.510
Aaron Coleman 2006-02-22 20:29:45