Animal Collective - Grass EP
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Animal Collective
Grass EP

Over the course of the past couple years, I have become a big, dumb fan of the Animal Collective. I'm one of those people who feels like they've gotten steadily better with every album they've released, and their recent Feels disc still gets regular rotation in my head.

In order to pacify dorks like me and conveniently put out all their videos in one place, the latest release from the group is the Grass EP, which not only includes a couple new tracks from the group, but four music videos as well. The leading track of the EP is obviously the title track of "Grass," a brilliant three-minute slab of pounding, frenetic experimental pop, but sadly much of the rest of the release is somewhat forgettable.

In addition to the title track, you get the short "Must Be Treeman," a meandering three-minute piece of unfocused ambience that mixes electronic shimmers with pitch-bent vocals while "Fickle Cycle" picks up some of the slack with another rhythm-heavy piece that doesn't sound like a cast-off at all. It's lush and dynamic and well worth hearing if you're a fan of the group.

The DVD in the set contains four videos, and only one of them does a whole lot. "Grass" is a hodge-podge of sepia-toned frames and video shots that never really does much, while "Fickle Cycle" is a somewhat entertaining behind-the-scenes, in-studio shoot from the making of that song. A six minute collage by Gang Gang Dance member Brian DeGraw turns live footage and snippets of studio tracks into a stuttering, almost schizophrenic assembly that's a bit hit or miss. Of the videos, the bizarre and demented take on the Tortoise and the Hair fable of "Who Could Win A Rabbit?" is the standout, with it's over-saturated colors and creepy ending. Like Four Tet's My Angel Rocks Back And Forth EP, this CD/DVD set doesn't really have a whole lot of new material, but it will probably appeal to hardcore fans looking to fill in the gaps in their collection.

rating: 6.510
Aaron Coleman 2006-03-23 20:05:56