Why? - Rubber Traits EP
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Rubber Traits EP

Although his music has gotten a bit more accessible over time, I also feel like the music of Why? has gotten quite a bit better as well. Last years Elephant Eyelash was an off-kilter pop gem that jumped across genre lines like it was playing hopscotch and fit Yoni Wolf's stream of conscious ramblings with sometimes dizzying instrumentation.

With only four tracks and a music video, the Rubber Traits EP veers back and forth between being somewhat useless and nearly essential. It's the latter because of a single song called "Dumb Hummer," which fits alongside the best work the aforementioned album. On the track, Why? adds some social commentary in his usual way (rather obliquely) over the top of an intensely progressing indie rock track that bleeds together acoustic guitar, piano, feedback squeals, and a steady rhythm section. It's outstanding, and easily the highlight of the release.

Elsewhere, you get the title track of "Rubber Traits," an alternately hilarious and creepy video for the same song, and two other super-short tracks that total less than 3 minutes combined. Neither of the tracks are bad (and "Pick Fights" is actually quite entertaining), but with less than seven minutes of new music total, the EP is definitely aimed more towards hardcore fans of Why? than those just looking to get into his work.

rating: 6.510
Aaron Coleman 2006-03-30 20:21:30