Maybe We're Making God Sad And Lonely
Dreamend - Maybe We
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Maybe We're Making God Sad And Lonely

With a title like Maybe We're Making God Sad And Lonely, one might accuse Dreamend of being a little bit on the over dramatic side, but the group creates soundscapes to match. They've been churning out their shimmering songs for a couple years now, releasing a split EP with Monster Movie and following it with As If By Ghosts. They've gotten better with each outing, and their newest album is no different.

The group could easily be lumped in alongside a bunch of other post rock bands like Mono and Godspeed You Black Emperor (this newest release even features cover art by William Schaff, who did work on GYBE's Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antenna To Heaven), but they vary their style a bit more than either of those groups, moving between soaring instrumentals and more concise, vocal-driven tracks.

That said, the group is best when they stretch out on their powerful instrumental pieces. "A Place In Thy Memory" opens the release and alternates between thunderous rolls of heaving rhythms with blistering guitars and softer moments that blend soft chimes and guitars into more regretful passages. "In Her Little Bed We Lay Her" mixes a found sound recording of a woman telling a civil war ghost story with moody atmospherics, and the combination works quite well, capturing your attention and drawing it in without lingering for too long.

The middle-section of the album finds the group creating more straightforward rock numbers, as both "Can't Take You (Dif)" and "Iceland" rely more on vocals with the former taking sort of a reverb-heavy shoegazer feel while the latter slogs through dreary, somewhat bland meanderings. As if they know that the album needs a bit of a boost after said tracks, the short "Mary Cogswell & Fred Vaillancourt" is a speedy build and blast track that sets the album on a steady course again and takes the album into the long closer of "New Zealand." Playing over one hundred shows per year, this powerful trio can certainly pack a wallop when they want to.

rating: 7.2510
Aaron Coleman 2006-03-30 20:26:50