Voices And Organs - Orphanage
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Voices And Organs

Voices And Organs is a musical project spearheaded by Swede Per Lindmark. It makes sense that Orphanage actually started out as a collection of short stories, as it moves forward blending hazy atmospherics with half-spoken vocals, while pure and simple melodies sometimes creep through the mix and push things forward. It all plays out like some sort of half-remembered soundtrack to childhood, with field recordings, tape hiss, and even lapses where things seem to go off course.

The album is quite a strange journey, opening with lo-fi vocals that speak weary words over a repeated, filtered electronic phrase. "Any Day Now" feels a bit more like a song, mixing together electric piano melodies, soft chimes, horns, and melodica into sort of a back-porch jam while male and female vocals drift in and out of the mix.

The aimless feel is something that works in the favor of the album upon first listen, as it's pretty much impossible to figure out where it's going to go next. Tracks like the ambient jazz-inflected "Ghostwriting" and the alternately buoyant and bedraggled "Through The City" drift along like the soundtrack to a dream you can't quite remember after you wake up in the morning. Field recordings collide with electronics and backwards instrumentation blends into airy organs and at one point even crunchy programmed beats that sound like they're coming from the neighbors stereo down the block.

Unfortunately, the odd structures and lack of any real dynamics or focus does in the album over the course of eighteen tracks and almost an hour in running length. In time, the largely formless pieces simply start to blur together and even sound repetitive by the end of the album. There's a great album in Orphanage somewhere, but it's hard to separate the filler from the standouts.

rating: 6.2510
Aaron Coleman 2006-04-13 20:54:19