Aelters - Mixitch Mjeuga Djisc
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Mixitch Mjeuga Djisc

Mixitch Mjeuga Djisc is the second full-length release from E. Aelters, an ex member of the group Dat Politics. Listening to the release, it's easy to hear his connection to that group, as his insanely-produced album spits forth the same off-kilter sense of rhythm and humor as the group he was formerly a member of. In fact, other than not really containing much in the way of vocals, it would be hard to draw too many dissimilarities between the two.

Oh yeah, and Aelters is a sampling maniac. Listening to his music is like watching a video of a hummingbird shot at different frame rates and with random bits missing. Everything from gameboys to beatboxing to random street conversation and probably even bits of popular music slip into the songs, but most everything flits around so quickly that it's hard to get much bearing on what exactly you're hearing.

"Pal-Xmas Cheap Gift" opens the disc and sets the stage with chopped-up 8 bit beats, sampled conversation, pop starlet vocals, and random blurts of electronics all sounding like they were spit through an old boombox speaker. "Hempluschoul" follows, and it's even crazier, pitch-bending vocal loops over the top of rolling synth bass, splattery glitch beats and hilarious one-off sample shots that build the track up before it turns into a silly dance hoe down at the end.

"Lucky Complist" slows down the beat a bit, but is easily one of the better tracks on the release, throwing in everything from harmonica to newscasters to old Atari video game noises as it romps through a fun world of odd nostalgia. In other places, as on "Usb Gosch Ohm" and "Cash-Op Transit," he gets downright dark and dirty, as chunky beats grind away under nimble electronic bursts and other sampled ephemera, sounding something like Niun Niggung-era Mouse On Mars gone glitch krunk. Another fun little disc in the continued line of deconstructed pop from the Sonig label, Aelters is definitely for fans of Dat Politics, or other playful stuff like the Tigerbeat6 label.

rating: 710
Aaron Coleman 2006-05-11 20:16:30