Skipsapiens - Eco
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Skipsapiens are two Chilean music producers named Pier Bucci and Daniel Nieto. Their debut Eco is an impeccably produced release that is brimming with little micro-production bits that almost make your head spin on first listen. Pulling together dub rhythms, clicky beats and programming, sampled piano and vocals and soft electronic textures, their debut release skirts between several different genres with deftness.

Opening track "Abstracciones En Reversa" drops skittering bursts of static over a murky bass line and some swirls of haze while glitchy beats scatter over the surface of it all. "Rastafari Droids" takes a somewhat similar route, layering heavy, melodic synth pads on top of ever-changing beat patterns for something that doesn't sound too far removed from The Orb.

Although the duo mainly plays with lighter, more playful melodic elements, one of the best tracks on the entire release is when they drop off into a dark, haunting atmosphere in "Virus En La Red." Although the basic elements are fairly similar to other tracks (glitchy beat programming that dances all over heavy, low-end rhythms and droning washes), the minor chord heaves of drone and mechanical insect chatter beats pull the listener down a vortex that they aren't able to match on the rest of the disc.

With a largely similar set of sounds running through the disc, the major thing that hampers Eco is a lack of surprises after it's played about two-thirds of the way through. It also doesn't help that the latter third of the album features some of the weaker songs, including the flatulent synth funk of "Compression Infinitesimal" (which feels out of place) and the overlong "Vida Zencilla" (that sounds like a rehash of an earlier track). In pieces, there are some good things to hear on Eco, but as a whole it wears a bit.

rating: 6.7510
Aaron Coleman 2006-06-21 21:19:13