Morrow Choral Orchestra - Morrow Choral Orchestra
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Morrow Choral Orchestra
Morrow Choral Orchestra

An informal sequel to last years Autonomous Addicts release on the same label, Morrow Choral Orchestra is another compilation of various artists coming together under a common banner to create choppy but melodic music that hovers somewhere between IDM and instrumental hip hop. Artists on the compilation have released work on such labels as Rephlex, Warp, Planet Mu, Merck, and others, and in addition to featuring bigger name artists, this compilation is much better overall in terms of music as well.

Deework sets the tone of the release with the first track "Signs Reorder" as micro-tones dance across a heavily rolling bass, chopped-up vocal samples and a thick beat. At less than two minutes in length, "Southern Belle" is easily the shortest track on the entire release, but also might be the most effective, mixing sunny southern California guitar melodies with watery bass and skittery beats that propel the track forward.

The more well known artists pretty much contribute tracks that you'd expect from them, as Machinedrum drops a hollowed-out hand-clap rumbler that buzzes with bursts of feedback while Richard Devine contributes "Kek-P2," a clomping beast that features heavy-duty pitch-splattered rhythms and dense swaths of humming mechanical noises. The big exception is Ken Gibson, who as Eight Frozen Modules usually rips it up noisy style, but his "Hello Harold" track sounds closer to Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Volume 2 than his usual style, and provides a very nice bit of variety for the release.

The rest of the compilation varies between outstanding tracks (like the trancey, spaced-out "Rapture" by Mr. Projectile or the semi-claustophobic "Ribbon" by Rd) and more clunky glitch-hop style stuff that's solidly constructed and fits into the feel of the compilation, but doesn't really add a lot new to the overall equation. That said, Morrow Choral Orchestra is a mostly satisfying batch of genre-hopping thumping.

rating: 7.2510
Aaron Coleman 2006-08-17 21:03:51