Red Sparowes - Every Red Heart Shines Towards The Red Sun
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Red Sparowes
Every Red Heart Shines Towards The Red Sun

Every Red Heart Shines Towards The Red Sun is the second full length album (although they've also released a slew of split releases, with such groups as Gregor Samsa and Made Out Of Babies) from post rock supergroup Red Sparowes. Featuring members of Isis, Neurosis, Halifax Pier, and Pleasure Forever, the band creates epic tracks that wind and build and swell and burst like so many bands before them. This, there newest album finds them getting a bit conceptual, referencing mid 20th Century China, the drought that killed millions of people there, and the government propaganda involved.

It's probably a bit of a reach to expect that instrumental music can touch on all of the above ideas, and the group sends out some leads in the form of sentence-long song titles like "The Great Leap Forward Poured Down Upon Us One Day Like A Mighty Storm, Suddenly And Furiously Blinding Our Senses." Reading such a title might automatically set off your pretentious meter if you've never heard the group before, but considering their dramatic stylings, it's not exactly a sin worth harping on.

Musically, the group comes in somewhere between Pelican and Explosions In The Sky, with some moments of delicate beauty offset by more crushing moments of post-metal where all guitars are blazing. "We Stood Transfixed..." (sorry, I'm gonna trim these titles a bit) is a perfect example of the groups songcraft, working a couple guitar melodies together over the course of several minutes before laying down a wall of noise and then backing off again and starting into the whole process again before an even bigger finale.

Fortunately, the group keeps things fairly interesting, touching on some different styles throughout the album to keep it mixed up a slight bit. "Like The Howling Glory..." dabbles in odd bits of psych rock as odd guitar effects warble the track into slightly trippy territory at times, while "Millions Starved And We Became Skinnier..." opens quietly before cracking off into some doom-inspired sludgery during the second half. Despite this variety, and the groups obvious prowess as artists in creating some nice tension, Every Red Heart Shines Towards The Red Sun is much like a lot of other instrumental post rock albums that I've heard in the past couple years in that after multiple listens, it just doesn't thrill me much anymore after the hundred-plus (no lie) releases I've heard in at least a similar style. Great in places and well-worn in others, Every Red Heart Shines Towards The Red Sun should give you a solid post rock fix.

rating: 710
Aaron Coleman 2006-10-05 19:51:29