The Isles - Perfumed Lands
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The Isles
Perfumed Lands

Last year, The Isles released their debut Back To Terrific EP and it was a short slab of hyper melodic UK-inspired rock that offered up some real promise of things to come. Perfumed Lands is their debut full-length, released on Melodic Records, and it delivers on many of the promises, sounding something like The Smiths crossed with a poppier version of Interpol. Their songs are still about as concise as possible (their ten track album runs only thirty-two minutes), and they're packed to the gills with melody and keep things interesting with a nice dab of friction.

The opener "Dave Cooper Band" might be where a lot of the Moz comparisons get thrown around as soaring guitars mingle with the crooner vocals of singer Andrew Geller. "Our Kitchen Test" follows and it's even more playful, making subtle shifts from more effervescent rock to almost dance punk and back again. Much more-so than their debut release, the entire production of this newest release seems to have a definite feel in mind. Like The Strokes (who the group doesn't sound anything like), the group seems to have made a conscious choice to emulate certain production techniques from the past thirty years to create a certain feel, and it works in their favor as the album sounds like it could have come out of anything from the 80s (Smiths) to the early 90s (Echo And The Bunnymen) to now.

Although their are a few tracks where the hooks aren't quite as strong, Perfumed Lands is mostly a highly enjoyable release of slightly throwback sounding, finely crafted pop tunes. There's even a re-recording of their great "Eve Of The Battle" (which was featured on their debut EP), which is easily one of their better tracks, and combined with "Flying Under Cheap Kites" might give those hoping for a little Brit pop revival some real true hope.

rating: 7.2510
Aaron Coleman 2006-10-26 20:11:11