Immer 2
Michael Mayer - Immer 2
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Michael Mayer
Immer 2

Maybe I just haven't been paying as much attention as I should have been the past couple of years, but in my mind 2006 will go down as one of the best years for mix discs that I've heard in a long, long time. Optimo dropped another freaky-deaky mix with the kick ass Psyche Out, Sascha Funke and Kiki both contributed super fun mixes to the Boogy Bytes series on Bpitch Control, and Chloe & Ivan Smagghe dropped the dark and thumping The Dysfunctional Family mix on Kill The DJ. Apparently not to be outdone, Michael Mayer is back as if on cue with another stunning entry to his Immer series on the Kompakt label.

Supposedly, Mayer took nearly a year to pick out the track sequence of Immer 2, and that attention to detail definitely comes through in the final product. It's truly a multi-country event too, with artists from a minimum of six different countries showing up on the mix. In fact, the release starts out with an entry from the U. S. of A. as "Ploosh" by Someone Else finds a gurgling minimal house track forming out of a layer of crispy hiss and crackles before jumping across the pond and morphing into the spy chase theme-sounding "The Dog" by UKer Ian Simmonds.

If you've heard a Mayer mix before, you probably already know that he's a master of building things up every so slightly and then letting loose again in similarly subtle ways. He throws a few slight curveballs in with the super old-school flavored "2nd Booty" by Frank West, as well as the twanging disco-house of "Advance" by the chameleon-like Justus Köhncke. That lighter, playful mood just keeps on rolling with the Todd Terje remix of "Another Station" by LindstrÝm.

It's not all fun and games, though, and towards the latter section of the mix it takes on a slightly darker feel that actually comes as a nice change. "Morskaya" by SCSI-9 is a particular standout, with haunting string swells overlapping behind a super minimal track that keeps things interesting with some alien-chatter beat programming and a dark, cinematic feel. Jesse Somfay's "Lying In A Bed Of Myst" keeps a similar feel, with a starkly rhythmic track that builds slowly and surely to a lovely climax with some reverberating chimes and cascades of spectral keyboards. While spending time on a long drive or exercising, I often turn to a great mix disc for accompaniment, and as is probably expected from Mayer given his past output, Immer 2 is another excellent outing. If that's not enough, the disc includes a ticket that allows the listener to download a bonus 7 track mix from Mayer containing some of his favorite recent DJ cuts.

rating: 810
Aaron Coleman 2006-11-09 21:15:42