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It's A Feedelity Affair

Like a lot of other dance music producers, Hans-Peter Lindstrom is a really busy guy. In addition to releasing music under the name Lindstrom, he's collaborated with Prins Thomas for a bunch of 12" releases (which were compiled onto a full length album) and has done remixes for everyone from Franz Ferdinand to Roxy Music and Annie. It's A Feedelity Affair is his first solo full-length, and like his collaboration with Thomas, it collects a bunch of previously-released tracks onto one album.

Considering the tracks on the release are from such a wide variety of different releases and some of them are well over three years in age, it might seem that It's A Feedelity Affair might play out a bit un-evenly, but oddly enough the eleven song, nearly seventy-minute release plays out about as smooth as can be. It's mainly because Linstrom himself has such as steady hand in production, and also due to the fact that he doesn't stray too far from his bag of tricks most of the time. As often as possible, he drops layer after layer of arpeggiated synth melodies while building tracks in subtle ways over long stretches while dropping some fun, but not overly crazy beat programming.

"Fast And Delirious" opens the release and you get all of the above, as a couple analogue synth arpeggios dance across one another while some sparkling synths range across the top and a funky single-note bass skips rope with some spacey disco beats. "Limitationa" is even more retro, slapping a sloopy bass and some pitch-bent melodies over a more mid-tempo beat. In places, the album goes completely over-the-top in terms of cheeseball factor, as "Music In My Mind" is all mushed-out retro synths, female vocals, and enough rounded-corner beats that the track sounds like backing music from a club scene in an old 80s movie that you catch a glimpse of on television while flipping through the channels late at night and cringe at how bad things look.

With tracks like the previous and the lightweight retro-cruise of "Arp She Said," (along with the overindulgent ten plus minutes of "There Is A Drink In My Bedroom And I Need A Hot Lady"), it's easy to hear that Linstrom isn't afraid of giving into his indulgences, even if the results are sometimes a bit trying. On tracks like the outstanding "I Feel Space," it's easy to hear why all the accolades have been piling up for the young producer, but I'm personally going to need a bit more persuading (and consistency) before I hop on board.

rating: 6.7510
Aaron Coleman 2006-11-30 18:29:34