Candie Hank - Groucho Running
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Candie Hank
Groucho Running

Candie Hank is the alter ego of musician Patric Catani, who despite his still young age, has been remixing, producing, and releasing music for the past decade. At the age of sixteen, he was doing remixes for Mouse On Mars, then he formed the digital hardcore group EC8OR with Gina V D'Orio (who herself went on to form Cobra Killer). In the time since then, he's produced hip hop music and collaborated with a slew of different artists while cultivating his newest project Candie Hank.

Groucho Running is his debut album under this name and just about what you might expect given Catani's background and the fact that it resides on Sonig Records. It's a frantic record that refuses to stay in one place for too long, dropping hard core rave beats, booty bass, deconstructed carny music, 8-bit freakouts, and sampletastic grab-ass. Seventeen tracks run by in just over fifty minutes and the whole thing sounds like a kids television show on some kind of heavy psychotropic drug trip.

After the squirrely opening track of "Introduction To Dance" lets loose with sample yells and some rinky-dink keyboard melodies chasing each other like cartoon characters over a ratatat beat, "We All Go Die Tonite" drops into an electric-guitar riff-laced booty beat track that features MC Shade spitting out raunchy lyrics. As mentioned above, the album is truly all-over-the-place, and tracks are so hit or miss that it makes the album really frustrating at times. "Disko Der Aussatzigen" has a couple funny moments, but is so juvenile in construction that it sounds far too long at only three minutes. "Groucho Won't Die" is just as frustrating, featuring downright yawn-inducing faux-soundtrack interludes that are chewed up and spit out by head-slamming drillcore beat workouts.

There are a couple standouts on the release, but they're few and far between. "Kids Stay United" (perhaps a play on the old Atari Teenage Riot song "Kids Are United!) is a super-fun, candy-rave punk rock track that calls to mind the fun cut-up work of Jason Forrest, while "Psychodixie" again goes the crazy breakbeat route, dropping some cut-up and sped-up ragtime piano and trumpet samples on top of the madness. If you eat pixie sticks and soda pop for breakfast, this hyperactive album might hold some enjoyment for you, but in large part it's largely a mess.

rating: 4.510
Aaron Coleman 2006-12-14 21:53:17