The Telescopes - Hungry Audio Tapes
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The Telescopes
Hungry Audio Tapes

The Telescopes have been kicking around for ages now, and it seems like especially on their past couple of releases, they've managed to hone their sound even further, creating a heady blend of doomed, sludgy psychedelic folk music that really doesn't sound quite like anyone else out there. There's a touch of Jesus and Mary Chain (narcoticized) and maybe a bit of Spaceman 3 in their sound, but they're unafraid to veer into really experimental territory as well, even if it sometimes makes for a bit of a slogging listen.

"Another Sky" opens the short release in a very solid way as chanting, mantra-like vocals build slowly over thick, bass-heavy programming, squalls of gritty, feedback-drenched guitars, and glints of analogue electronics. After a lighter, short interlude track, "Household Objective #2" puts the group right back into darker territory with another gut-churning loop of heaving mechanical bass noise, all kinds of subdued electronics, accordion, bursts of feedback, and a quiet electric guitar melody and submerged vocals. Instead of building into some crazy blowout, the track instead just keeps chugging along for four minutes, toying with open spaces and murmuring instrumentation.

Considering their restraint up until that point on the release, "Demon Landscape" arrives halfway through and is one of those overlong, inconsistent tracks that the group seems to frustratingly put on just about every release. At eleven minutes, the scrapes of guitar, electronics, and feedback drones drag on for way too long and don't offer up anything new along the way. Fortunately, the release closes out with two more great tracks, and the flickering "Winter #7" and "The Perfect Needle #4" both work back into the flickering and buzz-laden slow groove that the group excels at. While the aforementioned long track takes a bit of the potency out of the release, Hungry Audio Tapes is another solid slab of music from the group that at thirty five minutes comes in somewhere between an EP and a full length album.

rating: 6.510
Aaron Coleman 2007-01-04 21:10:28