Fyris Swan
Solo Andata - Fyris Swan
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Solo Andata
Fyris Swan

Partially dissolved, dreamy and textural are all good ways to describe the music of Solo Andata. Because of that, the screened and slightly hazy cover art on their debut album Fyris Swan seems rather fitting. Before it met with digital technology, the music of this duo might have been some some sparse thing that touched on both folk and jazz, but post computer it's a meandering wash of work that glints with melody.

Although the two members of the group met in person and started creating music while both living in Australia, one of them moved to Sweden. Their project continued, though, as the two passed files across the internet, and this ten track, hourlong journey is the result. "Her Face As Soft As Sleep" opens the disc, and some pretty acoustic guitar and hums of melodica are swathed in heady washes of soft sound. "The Echo's Left Behind" brings some horns into the mix, but again time passes in some sort of narcotic haze as lush layers of plucked strings, a scratchy, fractured beat, and more melodica layer on top of one another in interesting ways.

When the group is at their best, they churn out cinematic sounds that are hard to deny. "A Ballet Of Hands" builds with more nice acoustic guitar and horns, as clipped samples of insect percussion and more string plucks build in the background and propel the song forward like some sort of late night firefly lullaby. The duo has a great ear for sound, and while the release doesn't really show off any real dynamic moments in terms of huge rises or falls, it's about as steady as they come. Tracks like "Among The Olive Trees" play out for six minutes, but at the same time feel like they could easily go on longer with no real problem, as circular instrumentation and very gradual layering and production slowly reveal and highlight new elements in the mix. Slightly more focused than Mountains or Tape, and slightly less dark that The Gentleman Losers, Solo Andata have created an ambient album of seriously heady nighttime music that's sort of like an aural equivalent of melatonin. Sleep tight.

rating: 7.510
Aaron Coleman 2007-01-04 21:12:45