Charlie Alex March - After The Clouds Clear EP
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Charlie Alex March
After The Clouds Clear EP

The third in the ongoing series of oddly-packaged released from the new Loaf Recordings label, After The Clouds Clear is the debut EP from one Charlie Alex March. With stuttering electronics, chimes, string arrangements, breathy female vocals, horns, and analogue washes, March has created a short batch of songs that come in somewhere between the music of Mum and an otherworldly soundtrack for a starbursting children's show.

"Goodbye Penny" opens the EP and over the course of only three minutes, the track builds from sparkling chimes and skittering programming into a soaring female chorus with horns and marching drums. "Francisca's Theme" again builds from overlapping layers of clipped vibraphone, but is soon propelled with swoops of dramatic strings. "London" works in similar ways, except instead of vibraphone, analogue synth notes are chopped to bits and rearranged as droning layers of strings pile in on top.

Although they both have unique elements about them, the closing two tracks of the release aren't quite as solid as the opening salvos. "Animals" is another string-driven track with sparkling chimes and piano, while the lo-fi Metronomy remix of "Piano Song" doesn't even really sound like it fits on the same release. Despite a bit of repetition, there's enough on this little (less than fifteen minutes in length) release that I'll definitely keep an eye out for a full length release from March in the future.

rating: 6.7510
Aaron Coleman 2007-01-11 21:02:04