Kid Koala - Your Mom
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Kid Koala
Your Mom's Favorite DJ

Kid Koala (aka Eric San) has always been one of those artists that packs a lot into a short amount of time. His head-spinning bootleg ScratchCratchRatchAtch was the first release I heard that I felt truly captured the freewheeling spirit of turntablism, and while there have been others who have put out work that's technically more advanced than that since then, Kid Koala has released two more albums of playful, sometimes downright hilarious and yet highly listen-able.

Your Mom's Favorite DJ came out last year with relatively little fanfare or coverage, and after listening to it I can't quite figure out why (other than that some of his samples are very obviously from more well-known sources). Although it's very similar to his past albums in terms of overall style, this time he goes much deeper in terms of deep funk and even rock samples in his mixes. There's still a lot of turntable trickery, but it seems to be less of a focus this time around in deference to bigger, swaggering hooks and juicy beats.

Split into two tracks that average just over sixteen minutes apiece (like sides of a record) and one "bonus" track of five seconds, this newest release is about par for the course in terms of Kid Koala output. After opening up with some sort of jazzy downtempo, "Left Side" weaves into some drunken funk with scratched horns and callouts before he drops the ruckus about five minutes in with huge drums and hand-claps. Of course, samples are flying everywhere, and after another short break he's back again with some scratched-up guitar riffs and more pounding rock drums. The latter half of the first track is closer to what you might expect, as he scratches some saloon-style piano playing and some funny samples from a Gremlins audio record.

The beginning of "Right Side" finds Kid Koala dropping some of his most raucous work yet, and some more huge guitars and even some vocals come into the mix as he carves out a slamming rock track with his signature style. Later on, he dabbles with some heavy blues riffs at times, while always keeping the mood light with loads of scratching and samples that tie everything together. For every super high point, there's a small lapse, but if you're a fan of his past work, you're definitely not going to go wrong here. It's not mind-blowing, but Your Mom's Favorite DJ is one of the best and most consistent things he's done to date.

rating: 7.2510
Aaron Coleman 2007-01-11 21:11:42