Shotgun Wedding 5
Bong-Ra Vs Sickboy - Shotgun Wedding Volume 5
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Bong-Ra Vs Sickboy
Shotgun Wedding Volume 5

Clear back in 1993, I stumbled upon a CD released by the Moonshine music label entitled Hit The Decks Volume 1: Techno DJs Take Control. It quickly became one of my favorite CDs in my collection and was basically my introduction to breakbeat and hardcore techno music (even though in retrospect it's really not that hardcore). On that disc, six different artists (including Megabass and Carl Cox) were given a stack of 25 records and told to see what they could slam together in ten minutes or less. The result is an insanely hyperactive blast of music, jumping all over the place while never really letting the BPM fall below 140.

The reason I mention the above release is because in this fifth installment of the Shotgun Wedding series, it seems that Bong-Ra has raided the exact same stash of records for his "'Ra Is For Rave, E Is For Ebenezer!' Mix" portion of the release. In doing so, he took me back to my first year in college in memory, and at the same time takes all those records and plows them into the next century with even harder beats and a tons of other tracks that simply take me back to the old school rave music of the early 90's. For his single forty-five minute long track, he also never lets things drop for too long, letting loose with build after massive build, culminating in mind-bending rave-style blowouts that are often hilarious and make you want to shake the glowsticks. Sure, it's cheesy in places, but even during those moments, he's rocking your behind with cracking breakbeats, so if you're looking for a nostalgic blast, Bong-Ra has served up one heck of a trip.

For his half of the disc, Sickboy goes in a bit of a different direction for just under thirty minutes that's completely all over the map. After opening up with some more aggressive hip-hop, he flirts with some cheeseball dance music before completely mixing into it, taking some over-the-top female pop music and throttling it with splattering amen breaks. Elsewhere, he throws some more aggro hip hop vocals over the Vengaboys (truly a hilarious combination) and generally tries to mess with your head and mash together as divergent genres as possible (yeah, "Cotton-Eyed Joe" by the Rednex even makes and appearance). There's probably a reason his side is entitled the "'Danceparty In The Secret Labs Of Planet Mercury' Mix."

As with other entries in the series (that has featured Cex, Kid 606, Knifehandchop, and others), the mixes show complete disregard for copyright laws (especially Sickboy). For partially nostalgic reasons (and the fact that I've heard loads of somewhat similar sounding mashups as Sickboy's), I prefer Bong-Ra's heady trip down memory lane. Regardless, though, the result is seventy minutes of music that's by no means subtle, but unabashedly fun.

rating: 7.510
Aaron Coleman 2007-01-11 21:13:56