Andre Herman Dune - Taglich Brot
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Andre Herman Dune
Taglich Brot

Along with his brother David, André Herman Düne is one half of the prolific duo Herman Düne. The duo have been playing together for over a decade now and have released nearly an album per year in that time on a variety of labels. Although he has released several limited edition CDRs of music, Täglich Brot (Daily Bread) is André's true debut release. Recorded in only a week, and mostly on a four-track, the twelve songs on the release have a loose, immediate feel that doesn't belie the circumstances of their creation.

Together, the duo have been compared to everyone from lo-fi Gainsbourg's to somewhat goofy, almost Jonathan Richman types. Despite being recorded under somewhat limited circumstances, André tries to make the most of it, switching up instrumentation nicely over the course of the short release. Opening track "Everyday Bliss" is a nice slack pop track with a loose rhythm section backing up acoustic guitars and somewhat shaky vocals.

It seems like just about every other song on the release strips things back to vocals and acoustic guitar, and those are in turn split between more jokey pieces and slightly more thoughtful songs. Both "New York Song" and "Berlin Song" are short little odes to the particular cities that work quite well with only some nice guitar work and playful reference lines. On the other side of things are more talky tracks like "Just Improving Myself," where the more loose style (that includes a needless vocal harmony and seriously flubbed guitar) just kind of falls off the rails.

The best track on the entire release is also one of the more developed. "Give Me Some Of Your Love" rumbles along with some growly bass and a ticky-tack drum machine while male/female vocals, lo-fi keyboard and electric guitar shimmers ripple off the surface. It's a glimpse of what he can pull off when he develops things a little more further, but also a bit frustrating because of the lack of other tracks like it on the album. Although it has several great moments, Täglich Brot is a rather inconsistent album from an always-busy (he and his brother have another album coming out soon on Astralwerks) artist.

rating: 6.2510
Aaron Coleman 2007-01-25 21:39:33