Drei Farben House - Any Kind Of Feeling
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Drei Farben House
Any Kind Of Feeling

Any Kind Of Feeling is the debut album from German-based producer Michael Siegle. It follows a single 12" release on Force Tracks and continues along the same line of stripped-down crisp disco house that he introduced on his first single.

Straight away, I will say that the eleven songs and just over an hours worth of music on this release is some of the most smooth and clean things that I've heard in some time. Siegle has a clear and neutral singing voice and most of the time his lyrics add just a touch of melody to the already minimal tracks (similar to Mikkel Metal in style, although their music is quite different). After a short ambient introduction piece called "Humidity," the album takes off with "Unprivate" and basically doesn't stop cracking until over an hour later. On that track, a sharp kick is filled out with a bouncy bass synth and some sparse shots of melodic synth while other percussive elements flit in and out of the mix while sparse vocals drift around it all.

With slight variations, of course, that's about how the rest of the album plays out, with each song averaging very close to six minutes in length while banging straight 4/4 beats, hip-swerving bass and sparse melodic elements from synths, chopped guitar, and of course vocals. It sounds like something that could have easily been released on the Kompakt label, even though it doesn't have the slight weirdness of the electronic pop created by Justus Köhncke.

Highpoints include the stuttering, whip-crack beats and doppler-effect synth washes of of "Lungching," the ultra-poppy "It Matters To Me" (with some of the best vocal melodies on the album), and the squiggling analogue squirms and indifferent vocals of "Irregularity." At its best, the album is a joy, and will easily find tracks worked into DJ sets playing smooth minimal house, and at its worst it simply sounds like a b-side from a Kompakt Total compilation. Smooth, sometimes seductive, and sometimes simply there, Any Kind Of Feeling is the type of release that could slide into a club mix or accompany your next sofa surf just as well.

rating: 710
Aaron Coleman 2007-03-08 18:59:46