Holy Fuck - Holy Fuck EP
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Holy Fuck
Holy Fuck EP
(Self Released)

The quartet of Holy Fuck play instrumental electronic music, but they manage to eschew most of the trappings of the genre while doing so. Instead of using laptops and/or loops and programming, they play their music with the fairly typical lineup of drums, guitar, bass, and synths. Yes, there are some pedals and random other electronic noise-making toys, but the four are definitely a more organic beast, with hooks all over the place and lots of rocking out.

Although the group doesn't play along with loops, their music moves with sort of a loop-based feel at times. Opener "Lovely Allen" is a perfect example, as a simple keyboard melody repeats ad infinitum while the other instrumentation alternately tip-toes and comes crashing down around it. It's a familiar post-rock structure, basically working repeated motifs into a couple nice loud crescendo moments, but the playfulness of their sound and some added violin by Owen Pallett (of Final Fantasy) helps put the track over the edge.

Other tracks on the album follow somewhat similar structures, but tweak the actual route they take in getting to the blowouts. "The Pulse" layers some trancey synth patterns over one another while the rhythm section gets downright frantic, while "Safari" is complete 8-bit madness as squirming keyboards get turned into sheer blasts of white noise as the drums again slam away.

The only time on the album when the group isn't pounding things four on the floor is "They're Going To Take My Thumbs," which drops off into a more dub-influenced bit of atmosphere. Considering the relentless pace and somewhat similar feel of the other songs on the short release, it's a welcome comedown on short release. Having played Coachella, SXSW, and All Tomorrow's Parties, it seems that the group is no doubt one that's even better in a live setting, but this six song, thirty-minute (limited) EP should be enough to tide most people over until their full-length hits. It's certainly not groundbreaking, but you can certainly bug out to it.

rating: 6.510
Aaron Coleman 2007-04-12 20:59:56