The Go Find - Stars On The Wall
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The Go Find
Stars On The Wall

Although I don't think that Morr Music has ever released an album that anyone would mistake as rock, there was a time when the albums they released had a bit more of an edge. The last two releases by Lali Puna (including their Left Handed EP and their Faking The Books album) had moments where guitars rose up with a bit of distortion and dance beats propelled things forward at a good pace, and even B. Fleischmann's Hello Tourist dropped some nice crunch in places.

Since that time, they've seemed to move in a much more light direction, though, and while there have been albums that stood out a bit, the label as a whole has drifted into electronic-twee land. That's not to say that I haven't enjoyed anything they've put out, but I have to admit that my interest in the label has waned as of the past couple years and Stars On The Wall by The Go Find does nothing to change my opinion. Even more smooth and safe than the debut from the group (Miami), this eleven song release is pretty enough, but leaves little trace once it stops spinning.

Just about every track on the album contains the same rough elements of construction, which are some soft guitars, one or more layers of synth, bass, and some simple drumming (along with chimes and vocals). About halfway through the release, things change up a bit with some heavy, rumbling kick beats, a looping guitar phrase and some nice backwards effects, and the usual cooing vocals from main man Dieter Sermeus. With some playful percussive samples, a nice moving bassline and some of the best hooks on the album, "Dictionary" is another track that grabs your attention, but a majority of the rest of the release falls into a mid to downtempo soft pop rut. By no means offensive or hard to listen to, Stars On The Wall is one of those releases that's pretty, but also pretty bland.

rating: 5.7510
Aaron Coleman 2007-05-03 21:02:14