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Part Chimp

While the ever-touring group records next official full-length record, Monitor Records decided to try to introduce a few more fans in the United States to the UK group by collecting all their rarities, previously unreleased tracks, and alternate versions of songs onto one release with one new track onto a single CD. Although the group has never let a lack of high-fidelity get in their way, these ten tracks are all over the place, with gritty bits tumbling up against slightly more polished ones and plenty of sludge to go around.

For those that haven't heard the group, they sound a little bit like early Mudhoney crossed with Lightning Bolt, or something similar. "Bring Back The Sound" opens the release and gives a pretty good introduction to the group as a heavy slathering of scorching guitars and rumbling bass play out over hammering drums as vocals sound like they're shredding vocals chords. "Crash The High Octave" is even noisier, with every single element in the track (other than the somewhat overwhelmed vocals) turned to eleven and overdriven.

Over the course of just over forty minutes, the group spits out grinding, three-minute burners that let guitars rip into the red more often than not ("Seedsy") and slower hand-wavers that culminate in synchronized guitar-riffs and shouted choruses ("30,000000000000 People"). They even drop off into "And Hell is Behind Me," an extended drone/space rock jam that comes as a solid and nice (along with aptly-titled) comedown after the more in-your-face rest of the release.

The one new song on the release has a little bit better recording quality, but the group by no means lets up on "New Cross." If anything, the added fidelity allows them to punch the listener even more squarely in the gut without every element in the mix turning into a muddy mess. In the end, Cup is obviously a bit of a stop-gap effort, but fans of the group (or fans of unrelenting rock) will probably want to seek it out.

rating: 6.510
Aaron Coleman 2007-05-10 20:09:04