Boogybytes 3
Various Artists - Boogybytes Vol. 3 - Mixed by Modeselektor
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Various Artists
Boogybytes Vol. 3 - Mixed by Modeselektor

Over the course of the past couple years now, it seems that in terms of mix discs, there are basically two names I know I can trust every time. The first is the duo of Optimo, who have carved out three outstanding and eclectic discs in that time, and the other is now the Boogybytes series on Bpitch Control. With a solid opening effort from Kiki and an even better follow-up from Sascha Funke, the series has stepped it up yet another notch with this third entry from Modeselektor. By far the most frenetic, the duo manages to slip through twenty-seven tracks in an hours time, covering an insane amount of genres while keeping things as smooth as butter.

Oh yeah, and the mix is dang fun as well, with an intro track that includes a bit of spoken-word by Henry Rollins ranting about electronic music before they kick things into gear and let things fly. Siriusmo is up first, with the slamming "Wow," a deep electronic funk rumbler that has sub-crushing bass and some goofy effects that help keep things fairly light. After a bit more of an instrumental hip-hop feel (including tracks by Spank Rock and others), the mix shifts nicely into a slightly more techy, dance feel. One of the standouts of this section is the pinging, but growling 8-bit thump of "Idiot" by James Holden, and the dense track is sparkling, but heavy at the same time.

The middle of the mix shifts again slightly and dips into several great dubstep tracks from some of the bigger names out there right now, including Burial, Rhythm & Sound (well, not really dubstep, but close), and Various. Skream's "Midnight Request Line" kicks this section off, and its lighter melodic progressions help make the perfect bridge between the section that preceded it and the more heavy following tracks. From there, things again shift a bit, moving into some slightly old-school sounding crunchers that include the smashing "Let's Do It" by Marcel Dettmann and the playful "μ-ziq Theme" by μ-Ziq. The mix even closes out with a slightly pitched-down version of "Idiotheque" by Radiohead that makes it sound completely strange.

Basically, if you've enjoyed any of the previous mixes in the series, you're not going to go wrong here. It's a wild, world and genre-hopping smattering of music that keeps things just a bit on the goofy side while certainly not neglecting your hips. With a forthcoming volume of the series supposedly coming from label-founder Ellen Allien, the chances are high that Boogybytes are just going to keep delivering.

rating: 810
Aaron Coleman 2007-05-17 20:51:08