Lindstrom & Prins Thomas - Reinterpretations
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Lindstrom & Prins Thomas

Lindstrom and Prins Thomas have both been at the forefront of the whole Nordic cosmic space disco house (or whatever you want to call it) scene for the past couple years. Their 2005 self-titled release was probably the best introduction to the sound, with a solid album of light and yet still funky music that didn't exactly slam the dancefloor with its sound, instead preferring to hover a couple feet above it. Lindstrom followed with last years It's A Feedelity Affair, and that collection of 12" tracks was a bit hit-or-miss, with a couple stunning tracks that offset the weaker ones.

Reinterpretations is what you might expect given the title. Seven re-workings of tracks from their debut album are teamed up with a couple long, newer tracks that extend their sound to even further trip-out territory. It opens with a slight tweak on "Turkish Delight," and the ten-minute piece takes its time moving through a light head-space as a loping bass wanders around and synth arpeggios lazily wash across one another. About halfway through, it steps up a bit, with some tangy synth modulation, bongos, and sharper beat snaps, but mostly the track follows the lead of the album as a whole and keeps things heady.

In places, the duo takes the original tracks and bump them up a bit more, moving them into slightly more dancey territory. Both "Claudio" and "Mighty Girl" improve on the originals, with meatier rhythms and beats, with the latter taking off even more with soft layers of feedback and melodic synths that keep on pushing higher and higher at the end. The alternate version of "Boney M Down" sounds almost like a slightly hopped-up lounge band is playing it, as a steady hi-hat mingles with slappy bass and those familiar layers of synths.

As mentioned earlier, the release closes out with two new tracks, and they're both solid, if a bit long. "Nummer Fire En" plays out over twenty minutes, with equal parts chugging rhythms and layered cheeseball synths that will either have you wincing or throwing the CD in during a long drive through the countryside. "Nummer Fire To" is even better, a nearly ten-minute pumper that's equal parts disco and house and pushes forward to a huge closing half that's easily amongst the best things the two have ever done. It's clear the two have a love of everyone from Moroder to Jean Michel Jarre, so your enjoyment of Reinterpretations will probably hinge on how "lite" it sounds to your ear. The remixes of the album originals are both better and worse than their counterparts in places, but along with the killer closing tracks, this nine track dance chiller is definitely worth seeking out if you're a fan of any of their past work.

rating: 7.7510
Aaron Coleman 2007-06-07 21:30:04