Black Devil Disco Club - In Dub
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Black Devil Disco Club
In Dub

28 After was one of those releases that came completely out of left field last year and really grabbed my attention. A short release (hovering somewhere between an EP and full length) that was supposedly the work of a mysterious fellow named Bernard Fevre, it glimmered with touches of both juicy electro and disco, flirting with some serious cheeseball factor in process without ever really going overboard. Just over a year later, the group is back with In Dub, a collection of (you guessed it) dub versions of the six original tracks, as well as six remixes from himself and others.

Upon first hearing of this album, I thought it sounded like a great idea, especially passing the tracks off to others of like mind (like Prins Thomas) to see what they'd do with them, but sadly the execution on this release leaves a great deal to be desired. For starters, the "dub" versions of the tracks are almost complete facsimiles of the originals, with a few echo effects and stripped-down sections thrown in for good measure. With one exception ("An Other Skin"), the songs have so few changes that the slight changes feel like afterthoughts more than anything else.

With the six dub "re-workings" out of the way, the rest of the release is comprised of remixes, and they're completely hit-or-miss as well. Elitechnique take "The Devil In Us" and give it an even more severe disco rubdown, complete with French vocals, while Prins Thomas (arguably the biggest name on the release) seems like he's going through the numbers on the barely-changed "On Just Foot (Slide Inside)." The highlight of the release actually arrives on the final three songs of the release, where the originals are completely mangled beyond recognition with the help of others. The standout of the bunch is "I Regret The Flower Power (Fragments Of Fear)," when Quiet Village takes the original burner and spins it down into a mellow rumbler with spacey effects and a palatable sense of foreboding. Unfortunately, it takes quite some time to get to the real gems on this release. Too long by about half, In Dub is chocked full of filler.

rating: 5.7510
Aaron Coleman 2007-07-05 19:17:25