Lawrence - Lowlights From The Past And Future
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Lowlights From The Past And Future

Since the turn of the century, Lawrence (aka Peter M. Kersten) has been a very prolific artist. In addition to releasing a slew of 12" records, he's been a busy remixer and has put out three different albums on the Dial label. Lowlights From The Past And Future is his newest album, and in some ways it's sort of like a greatest hits compilation of his most recent work, containing not only original tracks, but remixes by four different artists as well. That they aren't all his own tracks makes no real difference, though, as his production techniques (and the style of the original tracks themselves) insures a smooth ride throughout.

The release is distributed by Kompakt, and that in and of itself should give some sort of idea about what Lawrence is up to on this release. He carves out the same sort of minimal, but lush sounding dance music that one might hear from artists on that label, with pretty melodies underpinned by solid, if not glitzy beat programming. "Friday's Child" kicks things off and is a perfect example of things, thumping along with a solid 4/4 kick and some micro-fills while shimmering synths cascade down all around and some slightly-tweaked analogue bursts add a bit of tension. "Spark" adds a spike of distortion to the jumpy bassline, and along with another solid thump it juxtaposes nicely with some shimmering effects and repetitive looped samples of whispy melodies.

Some of the best tracks on the release are actually remixes of other artists, and his take on "Happiness" by Superpitcher moves through several distinct sections, clomping down harder during the first half before brightening up further in the second. For my money, the best track on the entire release is the reworking of "My Aeroplane Mania" by Turner, which starts with well over a minute of spacious, drifting ambience before one of those nearly ever-present kick drums drops into the mix and gives it a skeleton before Lawrence piles on layers and layers of gorgeous textures, a killer bassline, and clipped vocal sections from the original. As a whole, Lowlights From The Past And Future is hit-or-miss, with a couple tracks that completely stand out and several that are good but never really rise above the sort of general minimal dance field.

rating: 6.510
Aaron Coleman 2007-08-09 21:08:04