Robag Wruhme - The Lost Archive 1998-2007 EP
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Robag Wruhme
The Lost Archive 1998-2007 EP

Clocking in at over fifty minutes in length, The Lost Archive 1998-2007 EP is a nice batch of music for the money, especially considering it's coming from one of the more exciting electronic musicians working in the past couple years. While it's not quite as exciting as his debut album Wuzzelbud KK or even the Remikks Potpourri II collection of remixes with Wighnomy Bros, it's still a blast at times and a nice little holdover until he releases his next album (which will hopefully be sooner rather than later).

As the title suggests, the nine tracks featured on this release are gathered up from a wide swath of time and musically suggest so, ranging in sound from long minimal ambient pieces to absolutely nuts drill and bass style workouts that boggle the mind. It's a bit of a fall-cleaning sort of release, but it's better than nothing. "Spekk-Drumm" kicks things off in familiar fashion as micro-sampled beats skitter around some serious low-end programming, chopped vocal samples, and stuttering sitar. It's not quite sample house, and not quite dubstep, but has elements of those and more. "Bakkenvesper" is the 'hidden' track that was included on the aforementioned Remikks Potpourri II release, and as I mentioned in that review, it's one of those songs that just kills. Just when I think drill and bass has worn out its welcome, zing!

From there out, the release is just as varied, and "Pelagia Nr.2" bangs out just under six minutes of super-smooth minimal techno with an thoroughly rumbling bass line, while "Draw Halcyon Days" (with Wighnomy Bros.) spills out some tech house with soul, as a nice Rhodes organ section lightens the mood slightly around the dancefloor-minded piece. "Sputnikkschokk#2" flirts with crazy drum and bass stylings again, while also keeping an almost Richard D. James-era Aphex Twin style sense of melody. The fourteen-minute closer of "Cophra" even proves that Wruhme can pull off epic ambient, as overlapping droning tones swell in gorgeous ways as feverish noises and deep cave beats echo in the distance. It wouldn't be a clearing of old tracks without a couple things that didn't work quite as well, and there are a few of those here, but as a whole The Lost Archive 1998-2007 EP is pretty solid for an odds-n-sods collection.

rating: 7.2510
Aaron Coleman 2007-10-04 21:09:04