Supermayer - Save The World
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Save The World

While the comic book style artwork and album title of Save The World is probably a little bit over-the-top and tongue-in-cheek, this debut full length collaboration between Kompakt artists Michael Mayer and Superpitcher (Aksel Schaufler) can definitely be considered a bit of an electronic supergroup (or superduo, rather) release. As two of the highest profile artists on the well-known and remarkably consistent label, the two have been responsible for some outstanding solo tracks, slews of great remixes, and a batch of killer DJ mixes between them.

Those expecting straight dancefloor slamming might find themselves a bit confused in places by this thirteen song, one hour release, though. Mayer and Schaufler have certainly earned themselves some goodwill from past efforts, and they try to extent their boundaries here a little bit, moving so far away from their day job personas at times that it would be difficult to peg who was creating the music if you hadn't seen the involved parties names first. And so, after a goofy little opening track, the release kicks off in earnest with "The Art Of Letting Go," an almost live-band sounding dance track that sounds something like what you might expect out of LCD Soundsystem (minus the more over-the-top vocal stylings).

"Us And Them" is another bizarre track, with playful circuit-bent electronic sounds that blip out behind a rather stripped-down mid-tempo track with filtered, repetitive vocal phrases. As if that weren't enough, they drop things back to spaced-out, almost loungey tracks on tracks like "The Lonesome King" and "Cocktails For Two," where one is more likely to hear melodica, mellow beats, curling guitars, and narcotic-dosed vocals than anything that will fuel the dancefloor.

Along the way, there are several, short ambient pieces, including a bizarre cover of "Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying," but they mainly feel like slight derails (and a bit filler-esque). Those hoping for something a little closer to the past work of the two will find only a couple tracks that drop the serious minimal dancefloor beat, but when they do, it makes for some downright inspiring moments. "Saturndays" chugs along for over seven minutes with warbling bass arpeggios and hissy synth breaths, while "Two Of Us (Extended)" clocks in at nearly ten minutes and very well might be one of the best floor pounders I've heard this year, buckling the earth with overlapping bass lines and a ruthless thump as they keep piling more and more sounds on top of the massive track. Fun in places and a bit befuddling in others, Save The World is a bit of a letdown considering the two fellows involved.

rating: 6.7510
Aaron Coleman 2007-10-04 21:24:34