Hrsta - Ghosts Will Come And Kiss Our Eyes
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Ghosts Will Come And Kiss Our Eyes

Mike Moya is a longtime member of the Canadian music scene, and has been a member of Godspeed You Black Emperor, Set Fire To Flames, Molasses, and others. Under the name Hrsta, he's released two albums with a varying cast of supporting members, but Ghosts Will Come And Kiss Our Eyes finds him joined by Brooke Crouser (Jackie-O Motherfucker) as one of the core members of the group (after she joined him for a European tour last year). The resulting album isn't too far off from past work, with largely spectral tracks comprised of slightly eerie instrumentation augmented by the somewhat odd vocal style of Moya himself (which could possibly be compared to a sleepy Daniel Johnston).

As mentioned above, most of the album moves by with only a flickering of intensity, instead content to soak in a vibe of foreboding. "Beau Village" heightens the tension with some strained vocals by Moya as strummed guitars reverb out over moans of organs, bowed electric guitar, and muffled drums. "The Orchard" is even more measured, with a ghostly choir filling in the gaps behind some nice harmonies by Moya and Crouser as guitars mingle with electric piano.

One of the most haunting songs on the release are also the most airy and open. "Tomorrow Winter Comes" is easily one of the album standouts, as shimmering guitars mingle with twinkles of analogue synth and other drones to create a beautiful wash of sound that tingles the senses without being overbearing. On the other side of things are "Hechicero Del Bosque" and "Kotori," which build from the slow-burning psych that pervades much of the rest of the album into downright rocking tracks that help give the album a bit of needed punch. The former is particularly effective, simmering for almost six minutes before building to a boiling point and blowing its stack during the closing section.

As a whole, Ghosts Will Come And Kiss Our Eyes is probably the most consistent album from Hrsta to date. It feels much more like an album than a collection of various songs (as his past releases sometimes did), peaking nicely in places while sprawling in others. The closer of "Holiday" surprises as well, packing things into a fairly tight three minutes, easily making for one of Moya's most "pop" songs to date. It's not for everyone, but if you've enjoyed past work from the group, or the Constellation feel in general, you probably won't go wrong here.

rating: 710
Aaron Coleman 2007-10-04 21:25:37