Kim Hiorthoy - My Last Day
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Kim Hiorthoy
My Last Day

After a rather prolific period of releases (when he put out a total of two full lengths and a series of three EPs in roughly two years time), Kim Hiorthoy seemingly disappeared. It wasn't as if he hasn't been busy, though, as in that time he's toured Europe and Japan several times, as well as the United States and China. In addition to music, he's continued his graphic design work for the Rune Grammofon label, directed Supersilent's 7 "concert film" and has released a couple books of photography and drawings.

Given the time away (it's been almost three years since his last release), I was expecting him to maybe go in a bit of a different direction, but My Last Day pretty much picks up where he left off when we last heard from him. His work is still highly melodic, with a playful edge that dips into everything from folk to jazz at times, and has things in common with artists like Four Tet and Pedro who start out with loop-based music and then take it other places. "I Thought We Could Eat Friends" kicks off the album with a flourish, as whip-crack beats keep things moving as a dirty bass arpeggio grinds away underneath it all as more playful melodies round the edges a bit. On the other side of things completely, "Skuggan" runs nearly ten minutes in length and mingles more chugging, found sound programming and everything from string flourishes to warm synth pads.

Melodically, the album has a very similar vibe, whether it's on tracks like the understated, jazzy "Same Old Shit" or the slightly more propulsive "Wind Of Change." On My Last Day, he's at his best when he keeps things moving, and "Album" is a perfect example. Building with ever-coiling layers of overlapping melodies, double-bass strums form the very basics of a backbone until everything finally locks together and the track bursts from the seams with sprays of dancing melodies and crunchy 8-bit noise. In the end, there's nothing on My Last Day that will really throw you for a loop (even if you haven't heard Hiorthoy before), but if you enjoy past work of his or the artists mentioned above, there are a few standout moments here.

rating: 6.510
Aaron Coleman 2007-11-01 18:54:57