In Light
Arp - In Light
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In Light

In Light is the debut album from Arp, the most recent project of Alexis Georgopoulos (who was a founding member of Tussle and has also played in The Alps). Trading in his bass and drums for a batch of analog synthesizers, Arp is about as far away from his two other projects that one can get, diving into a nostalgic well of semi-grainy, sepia-toned cosmic pieces that call to mind several different artists and groups from three decades or more ago.

Many modern electronic artists have dumped their digital gear and laptops to get back to this sound, and there's a good reason for it. The sound itself isn't quite as precise or clean, and to add to the aura of his recordings, Georgopoulos has taken it one step further and recorded most of the tracks on In Light live, without the use of loops (except in a single case).

While the album as a whole definitely has that overall 'Kosmische' vibe, there's enough variety in the seven tracks to keep things interesting. "St. Tropez" opens the release with a more effervescent feel, as repetitive, lower arpeggios reflect underneath higher melodies that warble with slight pitch tweaks. Elsewhere, "The Rising Sun" is completely washed-out and beautiful, mingling meandering, almost improvisational piano wanderings over droning flute and a soft fuzz of encroaching synth haze.

In other places, the album is more aggressive, with "Premonition Of The Sculptor Steiner" taking on a gurgling, yet propulsive feel that calls to mind Tangerine Dream and other like-minded arpeggio-layering fiends. Dipping even further into a sort of minimalism influence is "Potentialities II," a string-synth/organ/piano pulser that nods to earlier Philip Glass work without sounding like a retread (which some of Glass' own later work has sadly done). As mentioned above, there are a lot of artists going back to their roots and creating music with vintage synths, but not a lot of them are doing it quite as well as this. It's not groundbreaking, but if you're a fan of cosmic synth minimalism, you will likely want to hunt this one down right away.

rating: 7.7510
Aaron Coleman 2007-11-08 19:53:32