Various Artists - Milky Disco
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Various Artists
Milky Disco

With space disco riding a big wave courtesy of artists like Lindstrom and the return of much love for the Italo, Milky Disco seems to be arriving at just the right time. Featuring twelve mostly rare and otherwise unreleased-on-CD tracks from the likes of plenty of big names, it delivers almost seventy minutes of retro-inspired dance tracks that also manage to have a fairly decent amount of variety.

The more cosmic side of things is represented nicely, with sparkling tracks by Daniel Wang ("All Flowers Must Fade") and Johan Agebjörn ("Spacer Woman From Mars," which features Sally Shapiro on vocals). The middle portion of the release is where it sags a bit, as the Black Devil remix of In Flagrant's "Nonplusultra" essentially sounds like a watered-down b-side from the remixer, while "Child 13" from Jersey Devil Social Club (which I'm assuming is a side project of Black Devil Disco Club) lumbers through a lethargic track of bongo-filled percussion, slight analogue modulation shifts, and filtered vocals.

For my money, the most stunning track on the entire release is "Desperate Hours" by Quiet Village, a minimal techno / space disco track that's repetitive and completely haunting. The great "Life's A Beach" from Studio is a nice addition (even though it's already available), while "Surfing At Midnight" from Sorcerer should appeal to the Beardo Disco set with it's mellow, almost lounge-like sound. In the end, Milky Disco is mostly for those looking for some of the rare tracks, as better overall tracks can be found on full-lengths by either artists already involved (like Studio's Yearbook 1) or others altogether.

rating: 6.510
Aaron Coleman 2007-11-29 21:14:20