IfWhen - We Will Gently Destroy You
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We Will Gently Destroy You

IfWhen is the new group formed out of the ashes of the late, great All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors. The musician linking the two outfits is the mysteriously-named Merc, and here he's joined by a couple new members to create a similarly-swarming racket of overblown shoegaze tendencies. Produced by Oktopus of Dälek, the nicely-titled We Will Gently Destroy You is ten songs and forty-five minutes of pedal-to-the-metal sonics.

With over-the-top, wall-of-sound style production, this is one of those releases where more, more, more is the modus operandi. There are only three people in the band, but piles of melodies and textures are constantly bombarding the listener, with breathy vocals from Merc adding a very slight human quality to the sometimes overwhelming output. "Fantastic Maneuver" kicks things off and it doesn't really let up from there, with programmed beats slamming in the background of "Only Faster" while huge filtered guitar waves, synth washes, and layers of electronics pour down into the open spaces like water in a jar of tiny pebbles.

"A Furious Kind" is just what the title describes, as woozy, almost sour notes pile on top of one another as slews of layered guitar and synth create a heaving wall of sound that the vocals of Merc basically surf in on. When the group is on, the trio creates sounds that one might expect new work from My Bloody Valentine to push out, but unlike that group IfWhen doesn't really let up at any points. There are certainly a few short quieter moments, but nothing that could really be considered a breather or break. With track after track of molasses-thick sound, it's a bit tiring from a listening standpoint, but at the same time it will definitely float your boat if you're looking for a sonic blast in the face.

rating: 710
Aaron Coleman 2007-11-29 21:21:08