Fairmont - Coloured In Memory
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Coloured In Memory

Coloured In Memory is the second album from Fairmont (aka Jacob Fairley), and it pushes into a poppier territory than his debut Gazebo. Opening up with a couple of tracks that continue closer to his more minimal-inspired previous sound, Coloured In Memory nonetheless morphs over the course of its twelve tracks and almost an hour running length into many different places.

DJs will probably be interested in a couple of the first three cuts, as both "Fade To Saturate" and "Mobula" crank thick bass arpeggios and twinged-out analogue synth melodies that writhe around for over six minutes apiece. The former features some almost monotone vocals, while the latter pumps out a spiraling reveal that works in similar ways to Vitalic's killer "Poney Part 1" (that of the flying dogs and lasers video).

From there out, the album is much more varied, with a mellow comedown that mixes field recordings, a grimey bass, and pretty wafting melodies ("Pomegranate"), a sort of mutant surf-rock electro track ("Bikini Atoll") and mid-tempo Boards Of Canada-esque slurries ("1995"). There are certainly some gems here, including the slowly-building "Flight Of The Albatross," which builds from soft pings into something dense and nearly dancey while still managing to remain subtle at the same time.

While it definitely has some great tracks, Coloured In Memory suffers a big from simply trying too much. The album closer of "Time's Fool" even tries on a little bit of a busker-style acoustic guitar and vocals piece that ends proceedings on kind of a whimper. It's sort of the trap that a lot of second releases fall into in that it seems like the artist has found a lot of new directions to go in, but hasn't quiet honed each one enough to make the album work as a whole.

rating: 6.7510
Aaron Coleman 2007-12-06 20:18:35