The White Lodge - Twilight Vision
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The White Lodge
Twilight Vision

Twilight Vision is the debut album from husband and wife duo The White Lodge. Living in eastern Appalachia, the two create music roughly inspired by the ghosts of music past from their physical location, then stretch it and blur it into textural, meditative pieces that are somewhere between lo-fi space/psych rock and ambient music. Pastoral at times and slightly unsettling in others, it's largely created with organic instrumentation but plays out like loop-based electronic music.

Usually based around a repeated electric or acoustic guitar phrase, the songs on Twilight Vision build and evolve as everything from flutes, bells, organ, and other drones are slowly added and then taken away. "Come Twilight" opens the release and finds a very quiet acoustic guitar melody offset with multiple layers of subdued feedback, quiet organ melodies, glinting bells and murky cymbals. "Firelight" takes a slightly different route, as odd percussion clunks around behind soft wafts of drones and a five-note guitar melody that slowly gets swallowed up.

As mentioned above, the duo doesn't vary the construction of the tracks very much at all over the course of the release, with nearly every song playing out as a soft crescendo that finds elements being added and then peeled away. On the bright side, they've created some really lovely sounds here, coming in somewhere between Fennesz, early Labradford, and The Blithe Sons. Some nice sounds for a debut, but here's hoping they can stretch their compositional skills in the future.

rating: 610
Aaron Coleman 2008-01-10 21:28:37