Text Adventure - I Believe In Lassies
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Text Adventure
I Believe In Lassies

I Believe In Lassies is the sort of overly precious title that hints at sappy songs, and the Glasgow-based duo Text Adventure don't disappoint on this ten song, nearly sixty minute release. Falling under a loose sort of folktronica umbrella, their music mixes acoustic guitar with plenty of bleeps and bloops and falsetto vocals into a release that's more than a little bit twee and dare I say even emo.

Nothing is really offensive about the release, and it reminds me of work by groups like The Go Find and Electric President on Morr Music. The biggest problem with the album is that it's simply a bit too sweet, with no rough edges and several songs that go on for way too long given the more pop-oriented nature of the release (and the rather limited palette from which the duo works). And so, hiccuping acoustic guitar phrases and breathy vocals of "Pink Smoke" melt into the less glitchy, but still soft "If It Could Talk, It Wouldn't Say Anything" and so on.

During the latter half of the album, they shift things up nicely in places, and I Believe In Lassies charms quite nicely. The deft instrumental "Nothing Is Wrong" is a summery gem that mingles odd time signatures and hummable guitar melodies while "Cowboy Shadows" again keeps the breathy vocals in the mix but spirals some chiming electronic guitar lines and live drums into the ambient space-rock sprawl. If you like the light aforementioned sounds of the quiet Morr Music folk blippers, this one might be your thing.

rating: 610
Aaron Coleman 2008-02-28 19:20:25