Diskjokke - Staying In
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Staying In

Hot on the heels of fairly recent releases by Lindstrom and Prins Thomas, one Joachim Dyrdahl (aka Diskjokke) joins his fellow country-mates with his own debut of neu-disco tracks on the Smalltown Supersound label. Apparently there's something in the water in the Scandinavian land, as this is another fun slab of juicy tunes that at times floats on a light-as-air space disco cloud while in other places pumps with an almost tech disco grind.

"Folk I Farta" kicks off the release, and it's one of the high points, as piano arpeggios give way to a slurpy hi-hat laced beat, with headier layers of synths offset with a squealing bass that really pulls it together. "I Was Go To Marrocco And I Don't See You" drops into a more minimal flow, with a one-note repeating bass throb and pitter patter beat programming that alternately gives way to an absolute bear of analogue synth and breaking dance fills that should make the track worm into an absolute slew of upcoming mixes.

As mentioned above, the release does drift into that bordering-on-cheeseball synth pop disco that Lindstrom and many others (one could even include Sally Shapiro in this list) have been putting out for the past couple years now. Both the album-titled "Staying In" and "Flott Flyt" are plenty pretty, but both lack the 'oomph' that other tracks on the album have, with the former even employing some over-the-top synth horns and programmed bongos.

When hitting on all cylinders, Staying In even manages to get pretty close to the giddy heights that Studio reached on last years Yearbook 1. "The Dinner That Never Happened" is a particular standout, moving away from the giddy disco sounds a bit and more into a sort of heady, white noise doused mid-tempo rumbler that's absolutely stunning. An album full of good tracks, with hints of downright amazing things, Diskjokke is definitely another Norwegian to keep an ear out for.

rating: 7.2510
Aaron Coleman 2008-03-20 19:54:30