Boogybytes Volume 4
Various Artists - Boogybytes Vol. 4 - Mixed by Ellen Allien
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Various Artists
Boogybytes Vol. 4 - Mixed by Ellen Allien

Unless it suddenly goes off the rails sometime in the future, I can see no reason why I should stop recommending the Boogybytes series indefinitely. Over the course of about two years, the now four volume set has let loose with varied mixes that are always high quality, with entries from Kiki, Sascha Funke, and Modeselektor. Now, Bpitch Control label-head Ellen Allien has finally tossed her entry into the arena (just ahead of her new full-length studio release) and it easily keeps up with the other entries in the series. Starting off with hyper-clean and minimal techy dance, it flows through a slightly more funky mid-section before again cracking off to deep, dark stomps.

Opening with a quivering track by fellow countrywoman AGF, things really get moving when "Fizpatrick" by Ricardo Villalobos & Patrick Ense drop. In expected minimal style, the track largely hangs on sparse, but cracking beat programming and layers of soft overlapping drones. About the time Sozadams arrives with "Eyes Forlon" is when the mood of the mix really starts to change. With bass bins hitting the lower registers, odd electronics slurp and gurgle while breathy synths and filtered vocals growl.

Changing moods again is the absolutely stunning "My Cube" by Lucio Aquilina, which rings with lovely bell melodies and clean rhythms that remind one a bit of the work by Gui Boratto. Coming in closer to the ending, "Withdrawal" by Gaiser goes submerged, dropping watery beats and all kinds of murky synths that only peek above the surface of the water for moments before deep-sea diving again. More similar to the Sascha Funke Boogybytes mix in terms of having an overall very smooth flow, this entry from Ellen Allien doesn't really have any major weak links, and will likely introduce you to at least two or three different artists that you'll want to track down more work by. In the end, that's the measure of an excellent mix, and Boogybytes Vol. 4 is certainly one of them.

rating: 810
Aaron Coleman 2008-03-27 21:00:31