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You can't get much more unobtrusive in name alone than on this self-titled debut release from Build. A five-piece that toes the line between modern/minimal classical music, post rock, and chamber music, they have things in common with a lot of different artists but are just different enough to stand out. Combining cello, violin, bass, piano/rhodes, and drums, they never quite fully rock out, but instead keep things interesting with lots of rhythmic slight-of-hand and a keen sense of open space.

Whereas a lot of modern post rock groups seem to always go with the "more is more" approach, Build keep things fresh by letting things breathe a bit. "In the Backyard" opens with some quiet cello/violin wanderings, but as the other elements enter the song allows each piece to have several moments in the lead spot before something else takes over. It has a bit of a jazz feel in that each element gets a bit of solo time to shine, but the whole track comes in at just over four minutes, both staying interesting melodically while never getting too dense.

"Magnet" is somewhat similar in scope, but even more focused on rhythm as both the drums and bass get some serious workout time, careening through the track with abandon while blue notes on the strings and piano create even more tension. When the group slows things down, it's not quite as interesting, but even "No Response" and "Imagining Winter" are appealing in sort of a mid-tempo, jazz-inflected soundtrack-feel sort of way.

The nearly fourteen-minute "Drivin'" closes out the short release and is easily the standout as it finds the group progressing through a slowly-evolving Steve Reich-esque track that soars with playful movement and delightful chord changes from the quintet. In the end, this five-track, thirty-three minute album is quite a fun little debut. It's sort of like what you might get if Rachels were to put out a new release that was a bit less dark and more influenced by light minimalism. If that sounds interesting, you shouldn't overlook Build.

rating: 7.2510
Aaron Coleman 2008-07-31 20:56:02