The Daysleepers - Drowned In A Sea Of Sound
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The Daysleepers
Drowned In A Sea Of Sound

Over the course of my completely music-obsessive years (which is now closing in on two decades), I sometimes wonder how many albums I've listened to. It's a somewhat frightening proposition, given that during certain weeks in college I'd be sent something like 20 CDs to review, and with both purchases and promos (and *ahem* some downloads), my intake has come close to that at times during the past couple years as well. On the good side, it's made me realize that I need to limit what I'm listening to somewhat (in order to take everything in a little bit more clearly), but on the bad side I've heard so many things in certain genres that I simply start to glaze over when some things start playing.

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but dream pop and post rock probably come in near the top of that list (along with non-threatening and/or dark ambient music). Those genres in and of themselves are pretty wide-reaching, so it's a bit unfair to group any groups under those umbrellas, yet here I am doing just that.

The Daysleepers are yet another group who create four-minute pop songs that are swathed with absolutely gorgeous guitars that shimmer in a bath of glowing reverb while mixing male and female vocals and occasionally cracking beats. "Distant Creatures" weeps with a Cocteau Twins-esque guitar/synth feel, while "Tiger In The Sea" roils with a bit more of a dark wave vibe. Of course, the dead giveaway that this is a dream pop release is the usual noun-verb title of "Lovesparkles," which again winks with the back catalogue of 4AD. After saying all the above, it probably sounds like a backhanded compliment to admit that The Daysleepers craft some lovely stuff. Just because I'm a crusty, jaded listener doesn't mean that the ripples dancing off here won't tickle your eardrums.

rating: 5.510
Aaron Coleman 2008-09-11 18:42:46