Jacopo Carreras - From Bed To Couch
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Jacopo Carreras
From Bed To Couch

From Bed To Couch is the debut release from Berlin transplant (via Rome) Jacopo Carreras. Over the course of eleven tracks that run almost exactly an hour in length, he at times locks into a massive techno groove that I simply haven't heard anyone else compete with lately. With meaty basslines that grind the temples and kick drums that slam off the solar plexus, there are a handful of tracks on here that should drive dancefloors into sweaty convulsions.

Opening track "Rox Tox" isn't even the best starting point, as it grinds away with a sort of shuffling Amon Tobin-esque slam of fuzzy synths, strings, and breakbeats, but everything opens up soon thereafter. In fact, "One Sentence" might be one of the better dance tracks that I've heard this year, starting out with a hollow kick and some warbling electronics before locking into an intestine-churning burner that wires filtered vocals and sub-woofer rippling bass into something that approaches pop. "Gentle Touch" is nearly as solid, even though it's not gentle at all, with squishy beats that bounce off cavern walls and an acidic bassline that just keeps throwing more squelch on the fire.

The biggest lapse on the release comes about halfway through, as tracks like "Il Vuoto Non EŽ" and "Drying Water" seem more focused on filters and neat sounds than actually developing and following through with the promise hinted at. Fortunately, there are several bangers that help rub down the back end of the release as well, with "Y2K" ramping up a manic-nervosa repetitive melody over the top of a huge kick drum while "Anarko-F" meshes some rave-style old-school build ups with evil-sounding muffled vocals and loads of dirty synth lines. The high points are very high here, with a few other places that simply don't quite carry the same weight. Simply running too long in places, From Bed To Couch could have probably been a barn-burner at about two-thirds the length. As it stands, Carreras is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

rating: 710
Aaron Coleman 2008-09-11 18:44:30